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    GTS fuel gauge wiring and compatibillity

    I have a 1997 GTS with a bad fuel gauge. Yes, I have checked the sending unit and even installed a new float. I checked, and it is giving proper resistance on wires. I see some chalky corosion inside the gauge iteslf, a few years ago it would work intermittently, but now does not work at all. The oil warning light does work, so it all leads me to believe I need to replace the gauge. The problem is that a new one costs too much for me to justify when I can just pop the seat and check the gas by looking at the tank.

    My question is regarding the wiring of differnt models with gauges that look the same, but have extra wires. The GTS has only the gas gauge, no frills like speedo, etc. It has only one wire harness coming off the gauge, with 6 wires, 2 blue, 2 pink, 1 black, 1 purple. I have seen many other gauges that look nearly the same, but have an extra 2 wire harness, and the colors of the wires don't match.

    The question: Can I use one of the nearly similar gauges from a model with the extra connector, but just use the 6 plug connector directly and not worry about the other 2 plug connector, which I think is meant to power the speedo on other models? I know the wire colors don't match up, at least not that I can tell from pics on Ebay, but the plug appears to be the same. If it is not a direct hook up, then can I re-wire to make it work? I would really like to fix this gauge, but it's not worth the dealer price to me.

    PS: if anyone has a GTS fuel gauge they would like to part with for cheap, plese hit me up.


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    I don't see a reason why A. you could not direct plug the gauge into your ski or B. rewire the gauge. A gauge is just a "display" if you will. It takes the reading from the float, and displays it into something the rider can read. I would start with your gauge first. Crack it open, clean it up, and try it again. If that fails, pick one up on ebay, and plug and play.

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    The extra wires are on gauges from machines with multiples. The two wire plug is where power comes out and goes to the next gauge in line. If the colors match on the main plug, just wrap the small plug up and you should be good.

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