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    looking to buy 1st ski. Gpr1200 or Gpr1300

    Looking at buying my first ski. want reliability so i have decided to go with yamaha. Looking at three skis. a 2001 gpr 1200 with about 70 hours no upgrades. a 2000 millenium edition gpr1200 with custom paint and bodywork but no performance upgrades. has 200 hours but was just rebuilt 15 hrs ago. And last is a 03 gpr1300 with like 65 hours all stock. All are between 3500 and 3000. Any big differences between the 3. what would you guys recomend. are they about the same top speed. and which one would be cheaper to mod in the future. Thanks. i look forward to the reponses and browsing these forums for tips.

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    03 has efi.

    It would be quicker and have a faster top speed.

    Hull is also lighter.

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    +1 on the efi

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    welcome to gh

    nothing wrong with any of the three but as mark said the 03 might be the better buy for a first ski....

    the guys here get the 1200's flying for sure but with the carbs you would be expected to do a little more by way of maintenance,and like anything out there with a motor in it the more hours the more wear you will get,yes if you can find a forum member member thats gone through a 1200 its also a good bet...

    why not post a WTB in the yami section and put your area and budget and see what comes up...thats where i would spend my hard earned $$

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    well went and checked out two skis. 01 1200 with 68 hrs is real clean and originally owned. just had carbs rebuilt by local dealer. asking 3500. other is a 03 1300 with 68hrs, has a few bruises and spots where i can see the foam underneath the outside hull. also has a few corrosion spots in engine bay. asking 4000. think im gonna go with the 1200. or is the 1300 that much better. anyone no of any other quality skis available in jacksonville fl area. thanks for help guys.

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    the 1300 sounds like bad news. foam showing through the hull.....

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    go with the 1200r, carbs FTW

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