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    GH Waterbox Install

    So I went and picked up a GH Waterbox from Turbo Todd today, Great guy, got home, drilled the dreaded hole for the exhaust and started going at it. I found it pretty easy to reach all the way back there, dident have nearly the problems some have talked about. Cut some of the old Rubber off the stock waterbox and formed it up to the GH box everything seemed to go good, nice and tight. However I think I am going to be pulling it off soon, The coupler that is connecting the waterbox to the outlet is just bearly long enough. I wouldent be suprised if there is not more than 3/4 inches on either side, pretty much just enough to be able to get a clamp on. Do you think this is Ok, I am able to feel all around it and it seems to have a good seal but i wont really be able to tell till I fire it up. If this will not work, then I will have to find a longer coupler to use. I tried using the old exhaust hose but it is too small, I was not able to get it on the waterbox outside the ski so there was no way I was getting it on the outlet.
    let me know what you think.


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    If you do not feel comfortable with the rubber connection, then do not run it until you do...30 extra minutes of doing it right will save you LOTS of trouble down the line

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    If you don't feel comfortable with it... do what it takes to make it right

    EDIT: Im not playing repeat... I just type real slow I guess

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    Nice shoes under your ski!! I think 3/4 of an in. onto each coupler is good but if your worried just get a longer piece

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    wow, I didn't realize how much a straight thru exhaust cleans up the rear of the craft. I've still got stock exhaust with tubes going everywhere

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