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    Norcal Enduro May 17

    Anyone planning on attending this enduro??

    For more info on the Enduro just go to pwcrider and ask Jim.

    The race is San Leandro bay tour to Red Rock and back - around 50 miles. It is also part of Jims 5 race Enduro series!

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    I will be there for all five races. Are you thinking about it?

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    Most likely going to go but we'll see because the Socalwatercraft club Picnic is the day before..

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    Move the picnic. Or move it to NorCal

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    I wish but there are over 90 people going and some are racers..might not make it to the may enduro but will positively be there for the rest

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    Pirate -
    (and the rest of the Socal Endurance Gods...)

    I've been taxed with dealing with some unexpected changes that came up with the course racing point series, and I completely overlooked we had an enduro planned for the weekend of the 17th - until Lee Pham sent me a message asking if it was saturday or sunday. The date should have been listed as May 16th, and not the 17th because I work sundays, but it sounds as though you guys are having a group picnic on the 16th...

    Kim Bushong had asked me last season about a SF Bay enduro, and because I didn't want you guys to be bored running a previous course, we came up with a 53 miler originating out of the San Leandro Marina. (course attached) San Leandro is just south of Oaklend off HW 880.

    The course borders the shores of Alameda, Oakland, passes under the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge, and continues along Emeryville, Berkeley, and Richmond before turning left around REDROCK. The course then proceeds through Raccoon Strait next to Angel Island, and passes Tiburon and Sausalito. The course turns left under the center span of the Golden Gate Bridge and heads west to Alcatraz where you'll make a right turn around the Island. The course runs midspan under the Bay Bridge back towards the Alameda shoreline, and back to the finishline at San Leandro. Its approximately 53 miles.

    There is a hotel and restaurants located at the San Leandro Marina
    The awards presentation will be at The El Torrito restaurant on the marina grounds.
    Entry fee is $75
    I can put this together on short notice, but I need to know realistically how many people are interested in attending. If a lot of you cannot attend, my vote is to postpone until June 27th.

    Jet Effect (our big 2 day race of the year) was moved from July to August, but I just discovered that is not reflected on the schedule. I am going to fix that right now, but I need to know if you guys are cool with holding off on the 1st enduro race until
    June 27th (one week after the Freedom ride) If the DJSA schedule you have shows the first enduro as being the Vallejo Bay Run, that one is outdated.

    Please let me know your preference.I think the SF Bay Run will be an extra cool event, but I'd rather run it when everyone can make it, (and the May race would have to be on Saturday the 16th, and not the 17th as listed.)
    Lay it on me and we'll try and make it work either way, but June gives me a little more breathing room...

    Right now the schedule reads

    1) May 16th - San Leandro to SF Bay
    2) June 27th - Rio Vista to Sac
    3) July 11th - Salt Springs Super Course (75 miles)
    4) Sept 12 - Pittsburg Seafood Festival Super Course (60 miles)
    5) Oct 25th - Oakley to Benicia to Rio Vista

    I'd like to modify it to

    1) June 27th -San Leandro SF Bay run
    2) July 18th - Rio Vista to Sac
    3) Aug 15th - Jet Effect Salt Springs Super Course (75 miles)
    4) Sept 12th - Pittsburg Seafood Festival Super Course (60 miles)
    5) Oct 25th - Oakley to Benicia to Rio Vista (Final Enduro of the year)

    Please spread the word and post your preference in the next couple days so I can make a final decision.
    Thanks guys

    Jim Lambert

    Send Jim your preferences ASAP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos Thomas View Post
    Move the picnic. Or move it to NorCal
    you don't even know how to cook

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    Jim I like the revised schedule

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    Looking good Jim, and also fits better with the Long Beach to Catalina race on July 12th

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    The new schedule should work much better for everyone

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