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    Air Fuel ratio guage

    Anyone using an AFR guage. R&D now has a hook up to the exhaust to measure the AFR.
    Was wondering how many people are using it to tune there mixtures.

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    won't work on a water cooled 2 stroke egt is the only way I know off

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    Why does R&D sell it for the GPR's then as well as the 4 strokes

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    They are selling a lot of things, you don`t need

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    hi all,
    i am new to the jet ski thing. please help: what is a "AFR guage"


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    air 2 fuel ratio meter . measure fuel / exhuast gas in the exhuast. welcome

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    A wideband O2 sensor just doesn't work very well in a 2 stroke. The oil is the number one problem. (contaminates and ruins the sensor). Another is the way a tuned pipe 2 stroke works...unburned air/fuel leave the engine, and are then returned by the sonic waves in the pipe. When this unburned air/fuel hits the O2 sensor, it will give erroneous readings. (this can be prevented by installing it downstream of the stinger, but you can't do that in a watercraft that has water injected there) Also, what A/F ratio do you think you should be shooting for? It's not really about A/F ratio with a 2 stroke anyway...its about keeping the piston just cool enough to keep it from melting, and piston wash will show you what you need to know. Stick with rpm tuning, piston wash, plug chops, and EGTs (if you're inclined to do so..not a huge fan here either). I've tuned lots fast 2 strokes, and I've never used a WB O2 here...I do use one on my Procharged LS2, however...they are not all they're cracked up to be in that application either.

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