Hello All,

For all of you that have been running your bikes with the choke out and unable to get good carb adjustment.

I recently was rebuilding the carbs on me 1996 and 1997 machine. While doing this, I noticed that there was a difference between them. The return to the gas tank on the 97 was plugged, while the return on the 96 was open. I called Yamaha and found out that there was a warranty recall on the carbs for the 1996 to upgrade them to the 1997 configuration. Unfortunately, they stopped offering it in 2003 and I had to buy all the parts to do it myself. The retorfit consisted of new springs, new carb body and new fuel needles for all three carbs. There is also a cover for the 1st carb that plugs the return to the gas tank. I simply filled it with epoxy, because I could not find the part number for it and it was easier and cheeper.

I have the tech paper in PDF format that explains the modification quite well. I ordered the parts and it was easy. If you would like me to send it to you, send me an e-mail at [email protected] .