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    general 07 rxp questions

    gents i am new to this whole pwc thing and i would really apreciate some help from some of you more knowledgeable folks . thanks in advance-
    1. what rpm should i be turning in a stock 07 rxp 215 with metals washers
    2. Will a stage 1 kit affect reliabilty in any way-
    3. will a satge 1 kit affect warranty? and can i extend my warranty when its still under factory extended warrany(best)

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    You should be hitting 7900 - 8100 rpms if the impeller is pitched for the riding conditions.

    Riva stage 1 doesn't affect reliability, but most opt for the 4" kanaflex intake instead of the 3" Riva intake. You might even find used parts cheaper in the Classifieds section.

    Stage 1 won't affect the warranty since you are not modding anything internal to the engine, or anything electrical - like the ECU. You must buy the extended warranty WHILE YOU ARE STILL COVERED by the original 1-year factory warranty.

    And welcome to the forum!

    Good luck... Ron

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