Please check out to check out the Closed Course and Endurance maps under our Registration page!!
You can click on the links to view and print them out!

On Friday April 17th 2009 at the race site we will be putting on a FREE Beginner & Junior class and course instruction starting at 4:00pm. Anyone interested in this class please contact us at 214-498-3592 or [email protected] to get your name on the list. We will also be accepting "Walk-ups" as well and remember BEGINNERS 1ST RACE IS FREE & ALL JUNIORS RACE FOR FREE ALL YEAR LONG!!!

Get your registrations in ASAP to avoid late fees! We are rockin & rollin with the entries as we have been recieving many a day and alot of em are Beginners or racers returning after laying off for some years! Thats a good sign for our racing scene here in R5 as well as in The U.S. keep em coming!!

See you guys and gals in a week and a half and as DW says..."BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY...LETS GO RACIN!!!!"