Kawasaki 98 1100 ZXI

It was up and running this past summer, however the engine overheated because of lack of water. i forgot to install the hose in the jet pump and the engine blew.

everything is still in tact. great buy if looking to rebuild a pwc or a project ski (the ZXIs in my opion are fun, bang you up alot tho)

Some problems before the engine failure

>ski never ran right, perhaps problems with the carbs? (they are the stock ones, so rebuilding them was a cost issue) maybe it was the reeds? it was a fuel issue tho, >> it would hesitate when giving gas
>prop might be a little damaged from rocks and what not

a side note, this past summer the ski did hit 60 on the dream o meter and did turn about 7500 rpms in the water.

-aftermarket sponsons
-aftermarket ride plate
-needs hydroturf!

as far as price is concerned, your proably going to get a good deal as i need the space on the trailer for a new ski and the money. just make an offer!

i live on the northside of Indianapolis. no trailer. i do have titles. please email me on here but i perfer [email protected]