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    Engine keeps sucking in water. HELP

    Hello, I'm trying to help my friend repair his 2008 Kawasaki Ultra 250... He went out for a ride last week and flipped it over, ever since then the engine keeps on sucking in water. We drained and changed all the oil, drained the engine but it still keeps doing the same thing. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Pull intercooler and drain it. Also drain the intake manifold. Bolt to drain it is up front near the oil filter.

    Follow these instructions. Read then proceed into yanking the intercooler. It has to come out and be at minimum flushed with fresh clean water.

    DONT TAKE THE CAPS OFF THE INTERCOOLER . You dont need to take it apart. just flush and drain it it.

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    What would we do with out u Skip!!

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    Thank very much we are gonna give it a try next couple of days and see what happens.

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    You dont have a couple of days.

    Rust is Fin your valves as we type this.

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