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    First Mods for a 08 ultra 250

    I'm new to the forums and im looking to do some simple bolt on performance mods to my 08 ultra 250. Some ideas/questions I have are:
    Riva Ride Plate
    Impeller- What Pitch should i start with.
    Intake grate- Should I go with a R&D plate or Riva plate
    Pump seal kit

    I can't play with the engine at all due the fact the ski sunk last summer with only 6 hours on it. And kawasaki usa wouldn't replace the ski they instead fixed it.Gave me a free 3 year extended warranty on top of my 1 year factory warranty. So i don't want to void it.

    any feedback would be great.

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    You should do the Pump wedge as well, Helps the front end come out the water for better top end.

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    the mods you choose should be dependant on the type of conditions you ride under and the what you want the ski to do ... if you are just looking for top end speed on flat water then don't bother with the intake grate but yes the pump wedge is good for this , most of the mods have been covered on the forum and you can find peoples opinions / reviews on which situations etc they are best suited for and if they are any good

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    I got the R&D grate if you want it. Slighty used and Im located in NJ. Let me know

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