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    Exclamation 03 f-12x, FI - Code

    I pulled the code and found it was 7 - ect sensor, and 8 - TP sensor.
    Does any one know where they are located and where can i buy them i dont know the part #

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    My 02 did the same exact thing and I bought both sensors. I still got the same codes. I chatted a couple of times with Shawn about it and ended up getting another ECM. That was it. I even put the old one back in just to be sure. If you know anyone with same ecm, I'd try to see if they will let you swap just to see if it's the problem before you start buying parts you don't need. It sure would be a lot cheaper if it happens to be them. If they are afraid to let you use a good ecm, maybe they can use yours to see if they get the same code.

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