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    Help, stock intercooler removal problems

    I am trying to install a fizzle xs intercooler, i cant get the stock intercooler out, i got the tubes disconnected at front, and the 7 torx out of top of intake and i have it pryed away. It will not pull out the front, do you have to take the throttle body off and do anything on that end. I didnt read that in the instructions. It seems to be attached to the entire intake

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    You really have to twist and pull hard at the same time. It should come out after a few tries, especially since you have the manifold bolts un-done..Let us know how you make out. Worse case you could remove the intake manifold from the ski for a better angle..

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    thanks fizzle, it took hours,but what happene was my intercooler was bent somehow,and did not come out like it should. All better now. Got another question, i have riva blockoffs and i need to remove them to tighten exhaust.What do you guys use to get the "right stuff" off the hull so you can reapply and reinstall.

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