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    Help with Understanding Cooling of a 4tec

    Ok so after tearing into my RXT all week, I have learned alot that I dident know before. One thing I am still confused on tho is What the Intercooler actually does and where is the coolant system and what does it actually do? From what I always understood, the intercooler was there to cool the engine but if thats the case then what is the coolant system there for.

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    The intercooler is an air to water cooler for reducing the air temp coming out of the supercharger and going into the intake manifold. The engine coolant is circulated thru the ride plate and that acts as a radiator for the engine cooling system. The water that you are riding in is pumped thru the intercooler and back out of the ski. That's why the colder the water temp, the colder the air charge, the better the performance. Hope this helps.

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    an easy way to think of it is.

    the intercooler has nothing to do with the cooling system. it is part of the air intake system.

    the coolant as described above is used to cool the engine only and has nothing to do with the intercooler

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    The intercooler cools the air coming into the combustion chamber after it has been compressed by the supercharger. When your compress air, it heats up. Cooler air is more dense and will give you more HP.

    Fresh water circulates through the intercooler (Basically a radiator) then dumps it out of the exhaust.

    If you look under your ski, the rideplate is the "radiator" fo rthe engine heat. This is a closed loop where the engine coolant is cooled in the rideplate then circulates back through the engine picking up more heat, etc

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