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    Impeller experts .. i need some help!!!!

    So first of all i'd like to understand the concept of repitching a 14/20 prop back to a 12/19 .. For rpms right ? And after the 14/20 is repitched wouldnt it actully be a smaller prop then a box stock 13/19 ? I have a stage 2 1300 r and the best rpms and speed i could get out of my 12/19 was 68.5/7100 !! So anyways i get with my friend who has a 14/21.5 stak laying around that is too much for the mods he has so i decide to swap him my 12/19 for his 14/21.5 .. The results !! His boat only turned 6800 rpms and my boat turned [email protected] mph ... Now i thought for sure my rpms would go down !! Whats going on here can anyone help ?

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    go check out this thread and see if it helps. Then maybe armed with that knowledge, you'll have even more questions and a better understanding of the root angle of the blades on the pump.

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