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    750sx kill switch trouble

    I have a 94 750sx with a key/lanyard, and my kill switch no longer works, I've tried cleaning the contacts, and filing down the pin, i tried to ohm test it but know one can really give me a straight answer, where should i test it, and what should i be looking for, and if the switch tests out good where do i go from there, i have my carb set up to die in the water at and idle but when its not int the water it runs-runs-runs. And i went to ride it today and it wouldn't run on its own, it would start off starting fluid but after the first 3 seconds it would die, so before i try to get it running in the garage i need to fix the switch. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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    Alright, i got her running but the kill switch still doesn't work, ive checked the switch and the wiring and it all seems to be good, so now i guess i have to rip open the e-box. but i really don't know what to do after i open it up, i have the wiring diagram but it just shows the wires running into the igniter, anyone have any experience?

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    I have had a similar problem with my 93 750sx. However mine does not have a kill switch. My stop button just stops working sometimes. Cleaning the contacts and tracing to wiring back to look for problems helped. I also had to replace the spring in the button to get it to work.
    Hope this helps. If you know of any cheap killswitchs for a 93 I would like to have one.

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    Kill Switch and Lanyard for Kawasaki Jet Ski 750

    Kawasaki Kill switch issues are common. I had the same issue with my SX-R 800 and my 550 Jet ski.

    By filing down the pins on the inside of the switch you are going to loose contact and they will not touch the steel washer to turn off the machine when they kill switch lanyard is pulled.

    You need to add more space to the rubber on the inside of the sealed button. I used a 1/32 sheet of rubber and used a paper punch to cut out a circle I could put at the tip of the button. By doing this I go my kawasaki kill switch working like a charm. This is not the kill switch that is going bad but the buttons inside the switch. Either replace it or put a piece of rubber inside to fill the void. I will post some instructions on how I did it in a few days.

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    ...and this is not something to screw with. If you make a diligent effort and cannot fix the switch, please replace it!

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