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    Question 07 250 ultra braking down help!!

    jet ski is new have had three attempts to ride it goes well for half
    an hour then cuts out inpower does not stop be derates
    have sent back and was told there was water in air cleaner
    but after 2 more attempts still does it it comes to the stage if you keep riding it it dosent end up reving.

    when taken out of water there would be at least 20 to 30 lts of water
    coming out of the hull if not more have salasticed on places where the water might be coming i feel that after a while on the water there is
    to much water in the hull and wets cpu and derates it self when taken home and flushed out problem goes away and revs out sweetly
    any help on this would be appriciated becoming frustrated with dealer
    cheers mark

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    should be no water in the hull at all. check all water lines/hoses/bilge/exhaust (tighten all clamps and check hoses for splits)

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    I would leave it tied to the trailer and back it down with the seat off. You should be able to see where the problem is. You need to also check the seals around the thru hull bearing for the drive line. These things had problems with the exhaust I believe being loose at clamps?

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