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    just another Chinese product (rolleyes)

    New balance sneakers are my footwear of choice when not working. Red Wing Boots are for work. Even some of the Red Wings are now made in China.

    I often hit the Saturday sale up for Kohls Department store and buy a few pairs of sneakers. Well I did just that and finally opened up a new box that has been on my shelf in the closet for nearly a year. I lace them up to find that one lace is way short.
    I guess that is to be expected these days from the child labor that china uses to put together and package these products. Seems there isn`t anything that`s left out of the market that comes from china that isn`t fcked up or cheap... Good grief

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    I bought some slippers, gloves and boots from LL Bean - $50 for the gloves and slippers, $150 for the Kangaroo leather boots. Guess where they were all made? China - my guess is that they cost $.50 or less for labor. At least LL Bean has a great warranty - you just pay shipping for the product... Ron

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    I bought these for riding my RXT, but I'm not sure where they
    were made...

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    Well if we don't figure out how to produce something in this country, there will be a Chinese flag flying over the Whitehouse soon. Then we can all work for a dollar a day and a bowl of rice

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