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    TV repair man help?

    I've got a plasma that the main digital board is shot. 2007 Hitachi 55hdt79 The board is $450.00 from on-line stores..

    Can this board be changed at Home? Local TV repair man quoted a FORTUNE to change the board. I even bought the service manual on-line last night and looked at it and the boards look like plug play.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Here is a link to my issue that others have had. I'm MTRHEAD on that site.

    Page 62 has the blinking issue and others have had it too.

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    I had to get my sony fixed What a frigggin nightmare it took 2 months and got 1 guy fired I could do better myself . accessing the stuff was simple putting it all back together is were everyone had issues good luck on yours I would give it a go IMHO

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    I did this once on a 50 I believe samsung. It wasn't that bad and I would not pay someone to do it. All I needed was a phillips and everything on the board was plug and play.

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    if you do it by yourself..take a picture of what it looked liked before you take everything apart...then as you unplug or unscrew stuff label everything where it came from, it will help in re-assembly! thought i would just throw that out there

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