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    Need helpful tips on going premix

    I got my 98 Gp1200 out of storage today and pulled the seat off. The first thing I noticed was oil in the engine compartment. The 2-stroke oil had leaked out of the tank. It turns out there is a leak in the hose that goes from the oil tank to the oil pump. I have been thinking of switching to premix for some time now. I even bought the block off kit last fall. I guess this has made up my mind to switch. I need some tips on the best way to drain the gas tank and running the gas out of the lines. Also which oil to use. I was looking at amsoil interseptor or klotz super techniplate. The repair manual says to use 50:1 mix. Any ideas that will help save me some time would be great.

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    i either siphon the fuel out or find the tank capacity / add the oil for the full tank value and top off ,connect the sender wires together or tie the floats so they won't hit bottom ! run 40 to 1 in mine just for the extra protection

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    I thought of adding oil to the tank and topping it off with gas but how could I get it thoroughly mixed? I thought the oil would just sink to the bottom. Also should I leave the oil pump hooked up for awhile to run the unmixed gas out of the lines? How long can I run the engine using the water hose hookup?
    Zmann, does 40:1 work well in your 1200. No plug fowling or excessive smoke? What brand of oil are you using?
    Thanks for the help!!

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    40 to 1 is fine for me! I have never fouled a plug I have run klotz. and others with no issue but now I run penzoil full synthetic
    40to1 gets all 4 of my ski's and my lawn equipment .
    the oil mixes well when you put it in and you can shake the ski to help.
    I do run the gas thru the carbs by either cranking with the plugs out or wires off the plugs ,you can pull the return line to see when the darker mix comes thru and I would open my high speed screws between 1/8 and 1/4

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