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Thread: Kawi Fuel Vent?

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    Kawi Fuel Vent?

    So I finally picked up my 2008 Kawi STX-15F this weekend. They put in a gallon or two of gas and started her up. All was well. It was about a 75 mile drive home. When i got her into the garage i wanted to see how hard it was to open the gas cap from the seated postion.

    When I started opening it I heard a hissing noise and it smelled like gas in the garage. I understand that this was just fuel vapors that had collected and a possible a result of the long drive and the gas spashing around in a near empty tank.

    But isn't this what the fuel vent in the handlebars is for? Can this be a sign that it is kinked?


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    No, mine does it all the time and i had the recall done on my 06'. Just to make sure, you're talking about the vapors the blow out of the tank when you're when you unscrew the gas cap

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    Yeah, exactly that, the vapors that blow out of the tank...

    So what the heck does the vent in the handlebars do?

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    You are thinking about it going in the wrong direction. The vent lets air into the tank as fuel level drops. Otherwise you could have a situation where there was a vacume in the tank and the fuel pump would have trouble pulling fuel from the tank. The check valve in the line stops it from venting presure into the air.

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    Ah...i see. So positive pressure is OK. And the vent prevents negative pressure by letting air in as gas is used up.

    Thanks everyone.

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    wow never toughto of that

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