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    2002 Sea Doo GTi Engine options

    Ive got a 2002 Sea Doo GTi, I bought it with a blown engine. I need to know what engines will I be able to put in this boat. Are there a few sizes that all fit the same engine mounts? also what years did they use those engines so I can widen my search for a used motor. Thanks

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    Welcome to GH! None fit the same engine mounts, only the particular engine size that you have. Please confirm yours is a 717 engine?

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    To make a long story short, I do have the 717cc - I thought it was seized. I took off the propulsion system and tried to turn the drive shaft and it wouldn't budge an inch. I took a look in some of the storage compartments and found an empty bottle of mobile 1 5w 30. This is what I thought was the problem and what seized the engine because sure enough I drained the oil tank and found nothing but 4 stoke oil in the 2 stroke engine. I proceeded to remove the engine from the Sea Doo and to take it apart - I had planned to replace the crank but as I started to take off the fly wheel I noticed the engine freed up. But not only was it free but it was smooth as could be. I believe that the starter was sticking to the fly which made the engine feel as if it were seized and the wrong oil in the tank would only tell such but sure enough I freed it up by just unsticking the fly from the starter. I put it back into the boat and cranked it just like new.

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    At least they used the good, wrong, stuff.

    That was one lucky break.

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    I sure was lucky especially since I bought it for just a few hundred dollars since we all thought the engine was bad. I guess 4 stroke oil serves as a good enough lubricant to keep the engine from seizing but I bet it was smoking like a beast when he drove it.
    I'm sure it would have ruined something in time if the starter didn't stick.

    Its a good day!

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