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    Time for a change......

    Many of you here have seen me in my best and worst. So for many I owe you an explanation.

    Well today I was fired for reasons of my own. I basically wouldn't take any shit from one of the Admin's and deliberately mouthed off in a manner that would get one banned. "My Famous Immaturity called him a bunch of bad names" It felt so fucking good to say them, I know sick, well it worked, I soon found my account closed.
    During my time out today I thought real hard as to how I have been and what my role here is. I had time to reflect on the past and the many wars that have went on. Basically the trouble that I have made. I actually feel solely responsible for alot of bad things that has happened and feel I am truly holding back the Kawi section.

    Well I was reinstated this afternoon but truthfully I feel its time that members take the reins. I feel its time for change and new ideas with new structure. I feel I have given it the best of my ability "or at least my character can tolerate" and it has gotten us no where closer to being a successful section.

    To much personal attacking and just damn right childish crap going on. So Ive resigned as your Moderator. Not as a stab back or retaliation but more as to me being who I am. I’m proud, cocky, strong and ready to compete. All great for racing and building but shitty as a leader. I really want to go back to who I am and what makes me great, not what others think I should be or how I should act or what I should say.

    I really just want to walk away on a good note, a farewell to those who are loyal and a thank you to those who actually have the passion. You guys have helped me grow and learn in so many ways. You guys have supported me along the way even when it wasnt clear witch way we were going. Still Thank You and please except my apologies for the things I have done wrong.

    You must understand it will be up to the members here to keep this afloat. My pride and lack of maturity is going to restrict my participating very much. The staff of GH could care less about Kawi section and wished it gone long ago. So you guys need to pull it together and keep it alive. Stay focused on Performance and keep the ideology of GH "Jerry" alive in the Kawi section.

    My email is in my Signature. You all know what Ill be doing. Bitch slapping SeaDoos ever chance I get, gonna hunt me down some Yami's as well.

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    Well Skip,
    It's a sad day here in Green Hulk land, your wealth of knowledge will truly prove a loss in the coming days to many. On a confirming note, I must say like Rocky, beating after beating you kept standing back up. harded headed fuker... I found that odd, as with every other section, moderators have each others back and never let one another get trashed, but you proved to be the great exception to this, all trashing and bashing, you stood there idly alone, one slap after the next. Such ridiculous expectations you were expected to live up to for such little pay

    I wish you well my friend, now get back to what you do best!
    If you get to missing things here, let me know, I'll call and repeatably call you a piece of shit, no good arrogant bastard know it all...yada yada yada...that'll refresh you memory....

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    Unreal. I'm pretty ashamed to be part of a forum that pushes away one of the innovators of ultra performance and knowledge. Sure Skip has stepped on some toes, but thats because ultimately he really cares about the forward progression of this group.

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    damn skip..... i've looked up to YOU as the kawi guro here if anyone has contributed POSITIVELY to the kawi section it has been YOU...yes there are others...but you are the one we look up to and GO TO for the knowledge for kawi

    i say "f" the others who give you shit.....i go to the other sections on GH and not one has the in-depth step-by-step testing of parts, how-to-do with pics, results and side-by side comparisons and knowledge of their brand of boat as you do for kawi

    well I for one will miss you and your knowledge.....if the DOO and YAMI folks are pissy and care less about KAWI..f them too.....

    we kawi people know the real world results and have proof that the ultra is the best for off-shore racing and was proven at worlds and other events..... we know YOU also contributed to those events..........

    i know there is the "other" ultra board so i hope we see you there as we don't have to worry about pissy doo or pissy yami people on that board

    well skip i too have a mouth and have been known to be a trouble maker for my openess .............and frankness ......... and one can bust ass for their true belief and heartfelt passion and yet have their ass reamed over and over until enuf is enuf......sad f--kin day

    peace to you my friend.............
    Last edited by Hooah_Killer; 04-13-2009 at 10:40 PM. Reason: re phrasing

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    oh shit!! i don't like this at all!

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    Well hate to hear this.
    Thanks again Skip for all you done for us Kawi's guys.

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    Thumbs down

    2 words

    F..K THEM

    next 2 words


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    now this is really, really bad!!

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    The way I see it…..someone who rides their ski once a month might fall off once or twice a year. Someone who rides daily (pushes harder) will come off a lot more over those 12 months…………, one has fallen off twice in one year where the other has fallen off 50 times….does this make the monthly rider any better? I sure as hell don’t think so..!!!!

    So apply the above to you and your posts – at near 3500 posts if you hadn’t been , attacked, bitch slapped, reemed or made a mistake etc…ONLY THEN would I say that you have been doing something wrong J

    I haven’t been here long but I have used/relied on the info you have provided on the forum, via pm’s and via your site big time….so a genuine thankyou from me and hopefully you change your mind one day.

    Btw…if your visit downunder involves coming to Melb drop me a pm and I’ll organize some ski’s to go for a ride…


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    Say it aint soooo!

    Damm Skip! This sucks ass! You gave it to us real. You kept it real. Not a good day in GH Kawi history. I always clicked on ANY thread that had your name on it, weather it be posted, or responded. TO know we wont see much of ya around is like loosing a brotha! I've learned a lot from you, and hold the same strength and honor...B- Slappin the other brands. Dont fret....We will be in contact...One way or another! I've met you personally, and I know the passion you have to the Kawi Platform!

    This is a not good! With Skip gone...I think things will suffer, and the Kawi numbers will dwindle. The noobs will be lost....The regulars will be bummed out their Brother left em..
    I know we have a LOT of bright people on the kawi section, but sometimes.....Things are secretive. TOP SECRET. I hope we can move past the BS that goes on around here, and actually share some info that will help the entire platform, and cause..>Which is making the Ultra THE ULTRA ski to have...In ANY type of water!

    GODSPEED SKIP...Get out there and B!tch slap some other Manufacturers!

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