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    Fixing up Gp800- Bogging top end

    Hey guys,

    I've already dedicated some time to cutting down on the porpoising problem (picking up ride plate and trim tabs this week). But the ski still needs some work (minor cosmetics and bogging).

    Here is the ski, 99 gp800, trailor, tube and jackets for a fair price, but like i said the ski isn't perfect..

    It was smoking and running oil rich so i got an oil block off plate and now it runs fine in that aspect

    However, top end is behaving strange, i will pull it wide open and the ski will shoot off on its plane, reaching 7xxxrpm and reaching top speed quickly, but then it will bog down within seconds to 3,500ish rpm, and then shoot back up again

    From anyone body elses point of view it probably looks like i keep squeezing the throttle up and down, but i have it wide open

    Where should i check for vacume/gasket leaks? Could this be carb tuning? Plugs are clean, plug wires look good and new, good battery

    Thanks, sorry for the novel

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    It could also be the electronic operated powervalves raising and lowering when they are not supposed to, but I don't believe this is a common problem.

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    Yeah, I really feel like it could be a simple fix, the motor sounds very healthy and revs up fine, its pretty much only top speed

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