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    Cleaning Fiberglass

    My 2002 GTi fiberglass is getting a little yellow, are there any ways to bring it back to the good ol white that it used to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davpmars View Post
    My 2002 GTi fiberglass is getting a little yellow, are there any ways to bring it back to the good ol white that it used to be?

    THIS STUFF is awesome!

    Once I use the 3m stuff, I then hit it up with the cleaner and wax (2step process) from Finish First. polish and prep.

    This not only works great on the ski, but it will make an awesome difference in your daily driver. It is SWEET WAX!!!!

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    What would happen if I just used Goof Off? would that do any damage to the fiberglass?
    What about Laquir thinner?

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    dont. just buff it with a good compound then wax it. if you have access to a buffer (not a garbage orbital) that would be best.

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    buff it and then polish it use a buffing wheel for buffing if possible

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    sometimes you need to use an acid based cleaner first to get deep into the gelcoat, then a polish of your choice

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    I've used Westley's Bleach White before and the yellow just dripped off. You can find it in the auto-store's tire cleaning section.

    If the finish is really nasty you will have to buff it with compound. I would still use a Gel Coat Polish to feed back the necessary oils and then wax with carnuba to keep it looking good.

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    post a pic, are you talkin sun damage or waterline damage??

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    fiberglass cleanup

    well i use a carnuba wax that you can get at any auto parts store mothers brand is what i use and it is called cleaner wax i use it on my skis and on my travel trailer the idea is to use a cleaner wax carnuba only and then apply a gel coat sealant to keep it clean if you have an camper rv store or dealership around like camping world or even bass pro shops cabelas something like that go browse the isles there and see what is available carnuba all the way it is what is in all cleaner wax from good to crap and then seal it with a gel coat sealer it will make it shine especially if you use a buffer good luck

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