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    '03 Virage I- Wont Run

    My 03 Virage I stopped running one evening while I had it at home flushing the engine. I attempted several times to get it started again by putting sea foam and WD-40 directly into the air intake. During this approach the ski would turn over for a split second and then quit. I have always kept Sta-Bil in the fuel tank since i dont get to ride while I attend school. I called a local Polaris dealer and the first thing they asked was if I had ever jump started the engine in which I replied "yes." They then told me that I fried the computer that operates the timing of the injection and what not. I even confirmed their belief by stating that I did it with a diesel truck. Is their assumption right (if so the part itself will cost around $1500), or is there another problem that is much more fixable?

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Click here for Polaris Service Manuals, and other useful info.

    Jump starting a PWC from another vehicle does risk voltage spikes that can damage the PWC electronics. This is especially true if the vehicle engine was running.

    The preferred method is to recharge the PWC battery, then start the PWC from its own battery.

    You say the engine stopped running while you were flushing the engine?
    Or did it never start for that flushing?

    Did you have the flush water running before you tried to start the engine?

    Does the engine crank over normally?
    If not, take the spark plugs out, and crank it.

    Are the spark plugs wet?
    Is there any water in the engine?

    Have you checked compression since the problem began?

    How long ago did all this happen?

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    This happened about a year ago.

    The engine was running when it quit and I started the engine before turning the flush water on.

    How do you check compression? The spark plugs are very new and i made sure they fired after I realized it wouldnt start.

    The engine cranks at a high rev (I believe this is because I used Seafoam and WD-40 as a catalyst to get it started). After about a second of running at a high rev it quits and wont start under normal fuel conditions.

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    You have several things to think about...

    1) Has the engine suffered any damage from sitting with Seafoam (solvent) and WD-40 (another solvent) in the crankcase for a year?
    Unless you oil fogged it before you put it away, there is the possibility of rust in the crank case roller bearings, which are steel.

    The accumulated water from the garden hose may have been sitting in the exhaust system for a year. That moisture could have worked itself into the engine...

    2) What caused it to stop running?

    2b) Has anything else gone wrong since then?

    Download the Service Manual for your machine, and read the maintenance and diagnostics sections. It includes an outline on checking cylinder compression.

    Be very sure the battery you are using is actually good. While cranking the engine, you should have 11.0 volts or better, measured at the battery. You can sometimes get away with less, but you want to be certain a weak battery is not compounding the diagnostics.

    This is a two cylinder, fuel injected 2003 engine - correct?

    Connect a fuel pressure gauge to the Schrader valve connection on the return fuel line, and confirm that fuel pressure rises to 20+PSI, as soon as the engine starts cranking.

    Use a multi-meter to confirm the White/Red fuel injector wires have over 20volts DC, again within a couple of seconds of when the engine starts cranking.

    This voltage must be measured with both injectors still plugged in, so you will have to trace the White/Red wires to find a place to measure from. There are electrical wiring diagrams in the service manual.

    If the engine actually starts, the voltage on the White/Red wires should jump to over 40 volts DC.

    Cheater test - unplug ONE injector electrical connector, see if it starts. Then try with just the other injector unplugged.

    Work through these tests, then let us know what you find, and we can go from there.

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