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    Greenwood Lake


    Having some family visit town with some nephews in the Summer. I know its a bit early but want ot get some planning done.

    They are staying with some other family around the Monroe/Woodbury area in NY. I want to take the 15f and go take the kids tubing and have some fun in the water. Greenwood lake sounds like a good bet but it sounds like it is also super busy on the weekends.

    Is there a beach that I can pull up to where I can swap one kid for another so that they can take turns tubing? Maybe even swap spotters since i am sure riding backwards all day can be annoying, lol.

    I wouldn't mind joining the family without pulling the ski onto the trailer, is there a beach where i can just pull up and anchor the ski?

    Are there any other bodies of water you would suggest that are close?


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    Post this in the Jersey Section. A couple people on there ride that lake.

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