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    Rubber trim around XLL 1200?

    The rubber bumper on my 2000 XLL 1200 got pretty beat up last year when docked overnight... we left to go into town and a storm popped out of nowhere and the waves beat the crap out of it. Luckily there wasn't any damage to the hull, just some deep gouges in the rubber trim. I am planning a repaint after the season is over and need to know where I can get a new trim piece that goes all the way around the ski and how much I might be looking at? Thanks!

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    Call riva, or go to the oem parts diagram and order the p[arts, there are 2 main long trim pieces the nose piece the 2 corner covers on the back side, and the center back piece. If I remember correctly it was around 200 for all pieces plus all of the aluminum rivets and self tappers. Pieve of advice get extra rivets and screws!

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    i have replaced mine and another xlt, and it cost about 160.00 with shipping, below is a list of parts you would need for everything, including the back parts and rivets. has the best prices for OEM stuff. its a pretty easy job, just time cosuming.

    yamaha 90267-489US-00 RIVET,BLIND
    yamaha F0D-U252C-00-00 COVER, GUNWALE
    yamaha 90169-059U1-00 SCREW,SELF TAPPINg
    yamaha 90267-489UT-00 RIVET, BLIND
    yamaha F0D-U2512-00-00 GUNWALE, SIDE
    yamaha F0D-U251D-00-00 GUNWALE, STERN
    yamaha F0D-U252D-00-00 COVER, GUNWALE
    yamaha GP7-U2501-20-00 BOW GUNWALE COMP.
    yamaha F0D-U352E-00-00 PLUG, MUSHRoom
    yamaha F0D-U2519-00-00 INNER,GUNWALe

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