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    JS 550 Kill Switch

    I have a 1989 kawasaki 550 stand-up. I want to put a kill switch on it, as I fell off and it decided not to turn back to me, luckily the engine cut out.

    I have thought about updating the start/stop to a newer version that includes the kill switch. Does anybody know what year they started producing these, so I can look for the part. We don't have a Kawasaki dealer here, so tracking down the right part when you don't know what ski it would be on is a little difficult.

    My other thought would be to take something like the kill switch off of a Yamaha 15hp engine and wire that in need the choke/fuel cock panel.

    Thoughts comments?


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    if you have some general electrical knowledge, you should be able to map out any of these switches and put it on the ski.

    I'd say you need to determine if you need a "ground kill" or a "ground interupt" to make it happen. This will fuel your need to find out if you need a switch that a "normally open" switch inside, or a "normally closed."

    Moving this post to the 2stroke section.

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    Use the face plate form an SXR and you will be set.

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    Okay, I finally got a kill switch. tied it parallel into the stop switch. Thinking is that when the cord is pulled it would complete the circuit that pushing the stop button does.

    Had been having trouble with it starting (old ski needs a really full battery), but it started up fine, kill switch worked. Then it wouldn't start after that just cranking no action. Thought it was the battery getting low so switched to a full one, nothing happened. Then there was smoke from the control box. The rectifier and stopper had melted to pieces. replaced them with some old spares I have, same thing ski wouldn't start. Then it just stopped cranking. Battery is fine. all wires are fine. No sign of life at all

    Any ideas before I send it to a watery grave?


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    if you dont evan hear a "click" 5 bucks says you smoked a ground wire...
    just some of my worthless pennys

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    Don't the 550 circle till you swim to them... Does it really need a kill switch??

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    only circles if the idle is set correctly. to fast and it keeps going straight. too slow and it just dies

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    Kawasaki Jet Ski Kill Switch reason for Ski not to Circle

    The reason why the ski did not circle is due to your RPM's. The 550's are kind of tricky and you need to find the correct idle rpm for them to consistently circle. If it is to high they will go straight and if they are to low they will die.

    With the huge challenges that are caused by the round body carb it is much easier to change the kill switch than dial in the rpm's. Also if you have done any after market mod's to the ski chances are you will have an even harder time getting that nice balance that will cause the ski to circle.

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