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    Impeller Removal question

    The impeller on my 2002 GTi 717cc is seized up pretty tight. I know that there is something inside the housing that is melted or stuck or something. I couldn't figure out how to get the impeller out of the housing so I took it to a shop to do it for me. My question is, the shop told me it requires a "special" tool to remove the impeller, is this a bunch of crap or is it true?
    Also, when putting the impeller back together after replacing the parts, do I need to be cautious of anything or is it a pretty straight forward procedure?

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    you have to buy the socket with the splines like the ones on your dive shaft or you can buy an old drive shaft like yours, cut one end of the splines off and about 6-8 inches above the other end put a 90* bend in it and you have your tool. or you can ask the guys at the stealership to do it. they may or may not charge you if you laready have the pump off.

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    you can buy the tool on ebay for 15 to 20 bucks. does wonders just make sure its for a 2 stroke

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    check out this IMPELLER TOOL on overtons. The tool is required to get the prop off, and once you have it, it's easy to do. It's also like having a pickup truck. Once you own one, all your friends want to use it.

    To get the impeller off, remove the whole pump housing, nose cone, and place it in a vise. The end of the prop shaft will be slotted. Place the slotted part in the vise, and you'll be looking at the impeller on top. Put the splined tool in there and wrench it off. While you're at it, may was well put a pump rebuild kit in there.

    As for your problem, sounds like you chewed up the wear ring. If this is the case, cut it out GENTLY with a dremel tool, and fit the new one in there, and put it all back together. Good luck!

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    I use a Sawzall to cut them out or a small air saw. Dremel to small and slow.
    Davpmars You do need a special tool and a good Vice and a bench that wont move. If the impeller is rusted on or if they put loctite on it you may need heat to get it off. I use a 1/2 in breaker bar and a 3 ft pipe withe the shaft clamped in a 4inch vice. Some times a torch. Be careful with the thrust washer and bearing when tightening the impeller. If its not in place it can bind up or even crack the washer. I have done hundreds of pumps and Seadoo makes the easiest. They can still be tough.

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    the special tool is just a driveshaft spline tool

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    Thanks a ton for all your help

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