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Thread: Tax Day Blues

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    Tax Day Blues

    Because it is tax day, I'm sure many, like me, are depressed, pissed, desperate, looking for things to pawn or all of the above.

    Here is my tax day gripe. Last year, the IRS slapped me with a penalty for under paying my estimated quarterly tax payments. Well, they over penalized me and issued a refund for the amount they over charged me plus interest. Pretty cool, right? Nope. I had to pay taxes on the amount of interest they paid me! So they made an error in estimating a penalty for my error in estimating my tax payments then taxed me based on their error.

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    that bites. maybe to make you feel better we need to resurrect the freak show?

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    Finishing up my personals now... whoo hoo 4k to uncle sam.. ^%&#@&#@((%(&@#@%#^&

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