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    Top End Bogging- gp800

    Hey, I posted this in the Old School thread a few days ago but didnt have any luck...

    Hey guys,

    I've already dedicated some time to cutting down on the porpoising problem (picking up ride plate and trim tabs this week). But the ski still needs some work (minor cosmetics and bogging).

    Here is the ski, 99 gp800, trailor, tube and jackets for a fair price, but like i said the ski isn't perfect..

    It was smoking and running oil rich so i got an oil block off plate and now it runs fine in that aspect

    However, top end is behaving strange, i will pull it wide open and the ski will shoot off on its plane, reaching 7xxxrpm and reaching top speed quickly, but then it will bog down within seconds to 3,500ish rpm, and then shoot back up again

    From anyone body elses point of view it probably looks like i keep squeezing the throttle up and down, but i have it wide open

    Where should i check for vacume/gasket leaks? Could this be carb tuning? Plugs are clean, plug wires look good and new, good battery

    Thanks, sorry for the novel

    I'm in Tampa if anybody knows any mechanics or can come take a look

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    36258 US 19 N. PALM HARBOR, FL 34684
    BUSINESS # (727)786-1177
    CELL # (727)365-5132

    He's on HWY 19

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    does the motor have a choke?

    do these carbs have accelerator pumps?

    are the carbs stock? or has the jetting been changed?

    are you using flame arrestors on the carbs or is the ski stock?

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    -Has a choke

    Everything on the ski is stock to my knowledge

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    The bogging continues

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    Call Jim!! He is only 40 minutes from you!

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    40 minutes is a long time on a trailor with no registration, title, bill of sale or tag.
    Still looking for a way to register it as a "custom trailor", but that is a different problem..
    I was hoping this could be a problem i could fix myself, but i may give Jim a call anyways


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    Are the spark plugs gapped? If so, are they gapped too far?

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    just GOT TO DO IT! great lakes gpr 1200's Avatar
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    GOT IT!

    It is your fuel filters in the carbs.. I had a seadoo in my shop same thing.. Pull the carbs and change the little filters in the carbs.. that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by great lakes gpr 1200 View Post
    It is your fuel filters in the carbs.. I had a seadoo in my shop same thing.. Pull the carbs and change the little filters in the carbs.. that's it.
    Thanks alot for the diagnosis, i really feel that it is a carb related problem. I've never pulled the carbs on a jetski, but i'm fairly mechanically inclined. How long should this take me?? i plan on cleaning up the carbs as well as possible too.

    Thanks, going to give this a shot


    btw- plugs are gapped according to owners manual spec.

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