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    SD Card

    I was wandering if anybody has any suggestions on a sd card i can get for my cell phone. I want one to save my ringtones and pictures on. I know it takes a very small one. I have a propel cell phone just incase you need to know that. Plus i do not do alot of pictures or ringtones either. So need to know what size to get in memory also. I will be looking for the responses. Thanks alot.


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    If you're doing a LOT of it then you might need a 4GB but the 2GB should do.

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    I assume that is a Samsung A-767, I just use plain old 4gb SanDisk Micro SD cards for about $15 in my Samsungs.

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    I went and paid $20 for a 2GB micro sdcard with the adapter to hook it up to the computer...also I just went to walmart, they carry some music albums now on the micro sd's 2 gb microsd card(1gb for the music and the other 1gb for pictures or whatever)

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