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    Please help with 2000 slx

    I have a slx and purchased it with the mfd not operating. The ski revs up to a certain rpm and then breaks up ( do not no the rpm , no mfd.) i heard this could be operating in limp mode. I got it home to find out the back of the mfd & the 12 pin conector to be melded. I searched on the internet & spoke with several people & they all pointed here. They said green hulk is where all the people with the knowledge are. ( pretty impressive) well if someone could please help me to find out why this happened, that would be great. I do not want to put in a new mfd untill i find out what burnt this one up. If someone also know where i could purchase a 12 pin conector with some wire on it so i can splice it in , the wire locations and the proper voltage or ground at pins. I also heard that some guys use these display for parts , if you or someone you know can use it let me know and i will ship it to you for free. Well thanks for readinG & god bless you and your famalies
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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    This is the best place on the web for Polaris PWC information

    Click here for the Service Manual, and links to additional info.
    MFD 12-pin connections appear in the wiring diagram on on page 271

    The 8-pin MFD receives Deutsch DT06-08S connector from harness

    The 12-pin MFD receives Deutsch DT06-12S connector from harness

    More Deutsch connector info info in this post.

    Click here for the MFD wiring pin-out.

    You may be able to purchase a used MFD wire harness from one of the folks parting out a Polaris in the Classifieds.

    Be aware that the older Polaris models used an 8-pin MFD connector, with the 12-pin connector first appearing in 1999.

    Another good parts source is John Zigler.

    As for why your MFD melted, it could have been an over-voltage or other problem with the electrical system, or it may just have been an internal failure of the MFD.

    It is probably not repairable, and your offering of it for possible parts use is appreciated. The buttons, LCD display, and possibly the faceplate section may be re-usable.

    Is it possible that someone previously connected the battery backwards, and reversed the voltages in the system?

    Unplug the damaged MFD from the PWC, and leave it out. Check the voltage at the battery posts. Before starting, battery should be about 12.5 volts.
    Immediately after starting, voltage should jump to about 14.5 volts, and stay there as the engine RPM increases.

    If you are not seeing the voltages as described, there is a problem with the charging system.

    On the 2000 SLX, the only RPM limiter is for engine overheat. Check the Tan wire running from the electrical box to the temperature sensor on the engine. Look for any place where the insulation has worn through or shorting to the engine block.

    If the Tan wire looks fine, then disconnect it inside the electrical box. See if the RPM is no longer limited.

    The sensor should provide a connection to ground for the Tan wire only when overheat is occurring. If the sensor connection is always showing ground, then the sensor needs to be replaced.

    Be careful to not short the battery while you have the box hanging open. Keep loose wires and other things away from the drive shaft and coupler behind the engine.

    If RPM is still limited with the Tan wire disconnected, open the electrical box, and disconnect the Gray wire that runs to the CDI. This is the actual RPM limiter signal. With the gray wire disconnected, the engine should rev freely.

    Let us know what you find.

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    ruusty, Welcome to Green Hulk.
    The MFD is protected by a 1/4 amp fuse in the electrical box,Power is supplied on the red/purple stripe wire.Make sure somebody did not install a larger fuse.
    Take a close look at the connecter,some times you could see the heat started on a certain wire and the damage is around that terminal,this could help you find where the problem came from.
    The Tan wire also runs to the MFD,if that wire is melted to another wire,it could cause an RPM limit.

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    my 2000 slx was doing the same thing, i just unplugged the mfd and started and cut it off till it got out of limp mode, runs perfect now, but i still need mfd, good luck finding one

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    Welcome to the Hulk ruusty!

    If the mfd is not useable for you, I'm in need of the lens with switches. I have a unit that works perfectly, except the mode button is done.

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