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    2000 Gp1200R Spark Plug Torque Spec

    Does someone have this info. I need the torque rating of the spark plugs for an 00' Gp1200R. I do not have the manuals. Thanks in advance.

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    check RX951 profile signature. he has a link with all the manuals. download it and save it to your desktop.....also spark plugs should be snug if you force it you can strip the threads out in the head. oh yeah it's 18 ft lbs

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    18 ft/lbs, I always torque mine

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    my manual for a 2001 gp 1200r says 25 N.m (2.5 kgf.m 18 ft-lb)

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    The greatest tool that is my new best friend is a torque adapter. A small LED read out of your foot pounds as you ratchet down your screws. No more using clunky torque wrenches.
    You simply attach the adapter to your socket then ratchet your screw as usual until desired ft-lbs on your LED read out. You can get these from "Tool Topia", on line about $50. You will never go back to a torque wrench ! Good Luck .... & yes 18 lbs is the correct torque

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