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    what does it take to turn a 14/20 without going too deep?

    I just got my IR lvl1 and my ski is a PIG. It came with a dynafly 14/20, mod ride plate, PPK and 1200 2bar grate. I have some adjusting to do to the rideplate. But it is a pig down low. I really dont want to go deep into the motor at all. Especially since I only have 11 hours on it... Its an 05 GPR btw.

    What can I do other than swapping my stock impeller back on or ordering a smaller impeller?

    I was thinking efi unit, filters and outerwares, jetworks, d-plate, and free flow. Any other options? I dont want to go with reeds and dont want to do heads. But if I have to I will do the heads before timing key and vf3's... Any help would be great. I was a little pissed becasue it slowed down so much and was terrible out of the hole ( where I play mostly).

    and before anyone says it... I asked if that impeller is to big for a stock boat and I was told NO. But then again its the one everyone goes with. Is it becasue most people end up going with more mods?


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    My '05 vf-3 reeds,EFI controller and D plate with a 14/20 runs 7000 rpm which I think is to low but the stock prop run 7310 rpms which I think is to high. I need to add the air filter that I have layin around plus something else.
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    efi controller d plate it will come alive

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    put on the jet works will like it....then go crazy like all the rest of usand mod mod mod.!!!

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    thanks all...

    I want to hold out on more mods... I have too many projects going right now...

    1. 800+rwhp cobra it will look stock.
    2. 550+ rwhp 91 chevy truck with a ls1 swap
    and a few other little things.

    so I sorta wanna keep the ski half way stock... I can only turn wrenches 26 hours a day. hehehe

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    I have been thinking really hard about the jetworks also. just not sure weather to put on a few flow now or wait...

    thanks everyone!!!

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    bow tie klr sent you a P.M
    My ski did the very same thing, was sluggish down low with the 14/20. Only turned 6860 on the stock engine and Jims ride plate, but it would do 70mph. I added d-plate, efi controller, R&d flame arrestor it was way better turned 7100+ and ran 72+mph

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    Quote Originally Posted by bow tie klr
    800+rwhp cobra it will look stock.
    What year Cobra? I just sold mine about a month ago because I needed a Tahoe for work...

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    Its a 97. bult suspension, rear, proshifted tranny, built motor, big huffer... I hope to have it finished soon.

    that sux you had to sell yours...

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    Cool... My Cobra was DSG 2003 and had a 2.4 KB, Stage 3 cams, built solid axle and everything else under the sun! Made 660rwhp on the JDM dyno... here was my post about it on SVTPerformance...

    The new owner just e-mailed me a few minutes ago to tell me that he added some of the extra parts I sold the car with and took it in for a dyno tune and it laid down 675/600 on a Mustang Dyno... man I miss that car... but I am an oil and gas attorney and I have clients in my car all the time and it just wasn't practical and with my new house and my wifes car payment I couldn't afford to have both the Cobra and my Tahoe right now.

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