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Thread: Superman

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    Is the superman really good for 1 mph on the top speed runs? I mean, weight distribution? aerodynamics? it just seems ridiculous...

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    yes its good for it alright,

    just be carefull i got it all messed up last week out with steved and others and had to be helped back to my ski,whiplash,ribs broke, black and blue and you dont wanna see my butt but gave to boyz a good laugh once they got me out the water

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    It can be worth 1mph depending on your setup but once you reach certain speeds you have to ask yourself if its worth it. Bad things happen when not in full control of the ski, you can get seriously hurt.

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    If it's +1mph on my butt hanging off the back of the seat I will just stick with staying on the seat and be happy! 1 mph ain't worth not being able to ride for a while (or worse). Just know that if you did SM you would be +1 and that's good.

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    Superman up to 80 is fun, superman above 80 is scary..
    Thanks to the APBA not allowing superman i changed my setup and am almost as fast squatting as i was supermanning before. And in control a lot more..

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    +1 to all the above. All it took was one time for my ski to start jackrabbiting while doing superman and that cured me - I won't do it again.

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    Superman is not worth it. I've been pitched off at 71 mph and I hurt for a week. The extra mile per hour is not important, handling and conrtol is.
    The top speeds I have attained have all been on the seat with all four extremeties in control of the ski. Two arms for steering and two legs for lateral stability.
    I personally don't condone superman on the forum.

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    I gain 3 or better superman vs sitting straight up like a dork....

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    If you want to superman, try removing the rear grab handle and the seat. Superman then becomes very comfortable, which makes it a lot safer. Superman with the grab handle on is torture to the groin area..

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleeplessnMS View Post
    ...sitting straight up like a dork....
    Dork is in the eye of the beholder - to many eyes, superman position is also the fool position

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