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    need help with prop

    What would be a good pitch prop to use as a starting point with a 1300 carburated, stock milled head 155,155,150,vf3,d-plate,advent cdi,1200 water box, blue ff hose,gas valves,1200 riva grate,riva ride plate, 14 vein setback, pump kit ,sealed shoe, r&d trim tabs. what pitch should i start with?

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    14/22 Dynafly is m guess

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    i got a prop that will work out good for you.
    it's a 14/22.5 originally pitched by impros and tweaked by water woody. if you need it repitched you can send it to water woody and he'll repitch it for you at no charge....he owes me a favor.

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    14 vein setback
    A dynafly needs some work to fit in these

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