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    H20 injection 951

    im looking at doing a few things different with the new ski. does anyone know anything about the performance gains on water injection on a 951, they got one on the riva site and a jetworks kit as well. single point, and dual point. was wondering if anyone has tried it out personally to know what gains to expect, some sites say increase bottom and mid end, some say increase top end thanks.

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    I suppose you mean the Exhaust water injection. Its already on all 951's. Thats what the valve is on the waterbox. You can try to experiment with it and going Electronic but the stuff is kind of expensive and the Gains small if any the risks can be grate. You could melt the exhaust if you are wrong and you will need to run a filter on the water to keep debris from clogging the water jets.

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    You can more precisely control your water injection, but there is (as Pest stated) an element of risk involved. The stock water regulator is pretty darned simple and works quite well. The solenoids used in electronic injection take a lot of abuse and if it sticks closed you'll do some damage. If you have a specialized setup, it might be worth the cost to have better control. If not, spend the money elsewhere.

    BTW, I like to use a strainer anyway. I had a tiny stick caught in the water regulator once that caused a burned exhaust coupler.

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    ouch I ride in water that can clog the strainer in seconds (lots of organic debris) so I have to check it at every stop. I took off the valve and installed a coffman and injection. I am going to change the filter to a big mesh for the engine and a fine one on the mid pipe and stinger. That should cut down on the maint required. The St Johns river is Black water and shallow.

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    The stock pipe with water injection responds remarkable well with great low end pull and torque to match. Been running this set up since 99 and not once has the pipe overheated or the feed line blocked. The beauty with this system is the feed line never blocks up because it runs a 1/4 inch water flow direct to the head pipe.

    My personal ski (back in 99)was fitted with this with the mpem used to control the solenoid for shutting the water off at 5500 revs. Back in stock class racing water injection wasn't allowed so we had to hide the system that is why we used the mpem to control the solenoid valve.Les cooke was and still is the guru of mpem's so he did the programming.

    Nowadays you can use any water controlling device as long as it shuts the water off at 5500 revs.It needs to be open (on ) all the time so water is filling the exhaust chamber even at idle.The solenoid works best being nearest to the brass fitting as possible. ( we hid it above the fuel tank)

    The trick is to dump HUGE amounts of water into it using a 90 degree brass fitting positioned in just the right spot on the head pipe. The fitting uses a 3/8 or 1/2 inch hole with the water flowing through a 1/4 inch barb fitting. On the head pipe there is a flat spot just above the front carby as per the picture ,drill and tap the pipe and install. Water is fed directly from the main water incoming line (just past the water box "T" plastic fitting) and install another "T fitting using 1/2 x 1/2 x1/4 inch then divert this to the solenoid then to the fitting.

    When set up this would help me get off the line that much faster with great buoy turning pull with very little rev drop through the corners.

    Once set up you can easily test it on the trailer using the garden hose and hang the feed pipe overboard to see if it stop at 5500 revs. Sometimes i have had sticky solenoids that don't shut off very well but that's because of not flushing with fresh water (lazy and too tired). If your revs don't get past 6500 the solenoid is letting water get past so check that first. Easy thing to do with great results.

    And forgot to clarify leave all the stock water lines in place as they work best the way they were designed for.All this does is dump water into the header pipe and shut it off at 5500 revs.
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