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    97 spx rev limiter question

    i recently bought a 97 spx and this thing will run great but when i take off it picks up good and then like it shuts down i hear that this could be a rev limiter problem. i did put a new coil in it but have no problems starting it up or putting around but wont get with the program after about 4000ish rpms if this it the case where can you get one and how much are they as we dont have a seadoo shop anywhere around. tia.

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    sounds like a rectifier. somewhat common problem. they are cheap from the dealer because of this.

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    When was the last time you removed the carbs and cleaned the internal filter screens? Have the fuel lines been replaced?

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    97 spx

    well i did clean the carbs i just bought the thing and had to put a coil in it as to the first post on the rectifier that is the little square silver box with 3 yellow wires and a red one or vice versa if i am not mistaken i thought it just controlled the charging of the battery i will see if i can get one and put it on. thanks any other help would be great. thanks again.

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    i believe so. to test it, unplug the red wire. if it runs good with the wire unplugged the rectifier is bad. if you already cleaned the carbs make sure to get rid of the stock grey fuel lines like 96xpss mentioned.

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    96 spx rev limiter

    well i got out there today and unplugged the red wire hard to tell on the trailer so will take to the lake tommorrow and see what happens i beleive you are right thanks

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