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    96 xp throttle problem

    have a 96xp all stock it ran fine last year i took the carbs off and cleaned the filters out as i do often i am having a surging problem it will start great out of the water but wont start like it should in the water maybe idle screw got turned while i was cleaning them any other ideas. thank in advance.

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    Could be.. adj screws set back to stock? Did you mess with the idle adjustment at all?

    How dirty were the filters?? Sure you got the fuel lines hooked up okay?

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    If the fuel liines are Gray Tempo then you can clean the carbs all day and they can still get clogged again. Did you clean the needle and seat they get crap in them from the fuel lines also the inlet lines and outlet lines get clogged The fuel baffle ect ect ect. I have seen carbs get clogged on the test run after rebuilding them. Dirt and Gum are the enemy and need to be eradicated

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    96 xp throttle problem

    well i didnt intentionally move the idle screw but need to check that the front carb wasnt that bad but the back carb had a fair amount of yuck in it i did get the hoses back on right with no problems and i didnt completely strip or rebuild the carbs i usually just take off the side that has the filters in it and clean the filters and spray some cleaner in that side and go from there but this was the first run of the year and naturally it was raining cats and dogs today so no work on the doo. thanks

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