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    4" Kanaflex loss of efficiency

    Has anyone ever tested back to back with the 4" kanaflex fun up to the front, vs just a short piece of tube under the seat.

    I have a turbo application, and the wastegate control duty cycle jumped up 22% with the tube run up to the front. This means that the system is working much harder to achieve the boost target.

    The air inlet and outlet temperature also jumped considerably, as much as 12 degrees F.

    My point is that a cold air intake, actually raised the inlet temperature, and made the turbo work harder along the way. You can only realize these results if you have onboard datalogging.

    I am now working on pulling air from the back of the seat as a test.

    (this is on a GTI not an RXP)

    Curious if anyone else has any information or results on this. This is at 20psi boost, it may not be as bad below 15 or so psi.


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    i moved mine to the back....with the snaking to the front it hurts it....

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    Are you opening the OEM openings to allow more air into the hull? The turbo can only process the air available inside the hull.

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    The way I tested it, it goes through a carbon bulkhead where the storage box used to be. It breathes completely clean air from under the pod area... zero restrictions there. The loss is from the hose only. The way I have it now, it is taking it's air from a large hole in the rear of the back half of the seat (a composite part)

    The only difference is 6 foot of Kanaflex.

    This is a full open boat for Closed course.

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