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    99 GTX Starter Install

    Am I correct to assume I have to remove the exhaust and carbs to replace the starter on a 99 GTX Limited?

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    Do you have to replace the starter or bendix? Or both?

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    Not sure, the solenoid clicks but I just hear a sizzling noise and I smell smoke. Motor rotates freely and I removed the plugs so it would turn over easier. Wires to solenoid are not loose nor do they feel corroded. However, I can't see them yet.

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    You can get away with just pulling the air box.

    You are not that far from me. If you want to bring it up I would be glad to help.

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    Thanks for the offer Krunchov! I may take you up on that. Always nice to meet someone with a shared interest. I'll get back to you if it doesn't magically cure itself before the new starter arrives.

    Thanks! Scott

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    I ended up removing carbs to get access to the rear support plate bolt. You may try unscrewing that bolt with carbs in place but this is the real pain in the neck.
    Where did you buy new starter? I figured out tonight mine is gone and I need replacement.

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    if you have a rattle gun and extension you should be able to do it with the air box removed, shouldnt take too long

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    Bought mine for $ 85 at

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    Thanks, never heart about that company. Get to add it to my bookmarks. I placed my order on SBT.

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    Starters are one part you should really stick with OEM. But at least you will know how to change it next time.

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