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    Is there Anyway to tell how much use a PWC has?

    I just bought a 1998 GTI and it does not have an hour meter on it. Compression is good in both cylinders and it is in good shape. How can I tell if it is low hour machine or not? Can I just go by compression or is there other ways?
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    It would be hard to tell since a well maintained, high hour machine will look netter than a neglected, low hour machine. You can look at the pump and wear ring and that will give you a relative idea about how much it has been used. Outside looks clean on it though.

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    With any PWC, especially one that is ten years old, base your evaluation on the actual condition of the machine, not the accumulated hours.

    Many things can go wrong (or just wear and age) over ten years, even things the previous owner is not aware of.

    Compression is one aspect of a good condition engine, but it doesn't tell the whole story. The only way to know what condition it is really in, is to inspect.

    Inspect what you can, and if there is something you suspect, and it could create an expensive problem, have someone qualified check into it for you. Not only the engine, but also the jet pump, hull, and all the little stuff.

    You can look for clues, such as factory paint on fasteners that need to be removed if the engine was worked on.

    Here is an inspection guide you may find useful.

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    the hours on the MPEM can be read if a dealer connects the handheld programmer to it.

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    Look at the bottom of the hull for heavy wear and scratches from alot of beaching. Look at the rub rail for impacts. Also don't forget the trailer. Check the tires for alot of wear which would indicate heavy use and the bunks and bunk carpet. Your ski looks pretty good on the outside. Congrats.

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    How well someone takes cares of their shit cosmetically says a lot about what you are buying.

    Bottom of hull and wear ring tell me a lot. I dont beach my skis...just dont like them scratched. It takes just a little more effort to tie them me worth it..etc

    Your purchase looks nice!

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    i agree..............theres not really a secret or anything, one thing i like to do is pull the plugs and look at the tops of the piston. if there is heavy carbon buildup then they either used cheap oil or it has lots of hours. if the piston is pretty clean and carbon is minimal............its either a new engine or its been taken care of.

    you just have to look at everything..........imho..........the newer a ski looks as in no oily buildup in the hull, no sun fading, no cratches or corroded parts...........the better.

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    take it to your local dealer do check on the diagnostic program, it will show total engine hours....

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