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    Zxi 1100 overheating please help!!

    If anyone can please help me i have a 98 zxi 1100 which used to run awesome until the middle of last season when i went out the ski burnt up the rubber exhaust house between the muffler and the manifold. I replaced it and noticed that the engine when in the water gets pretty hot but mainly the exhaust so hot it continues to burn the rubber hose on exhaust. If i run the ski when its hooked to the hose its cool as could be. I have checked for sand in the line from the jet drive and its all clear. Ive heard it could be running lean so i changed the carbs and still nothing. I'm at the point where i'm about to pull it out and pull the jug off to check for blockages. I wanted to get some advice first though, and if it comes to that i want to re-ring the pistons. If anyone knows anything about this problem i would appreciate your input or if you know the best place to get pistons, maybe over size, and a gasket set for a good deal. Thanks

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    I would say the clog is somewhere in the exhaust water jacket or where water passes between the water jacket and the exhaust stream. I would start from the coupler and work back toward the engine. Take the pipes apart and blow them out. If it is running on the hose is it blowing water out of the exhaust? I bet its not

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    No it's a dry exhaust, no coolant passages lead to the exhaust just around it.

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    It sounds like the line from your head to your exhaust jacket is clogged or something in the jacket.

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