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    2005 RXT Steering Repair Horror

    RXT has an extended 5 year warranty
    2005 RXT Steering cable rusted & frozen during off season.
    Took it to an authorized (non-dealer) repair shop as the cable is not covered under warranty. Seems the RXT cables of this model year are thicker and the freezing issue is common. The shop made the repair in 10 business days, cost $225.00. Took the ski out that weekend for a water test. Within 20 min. and 2 miles from the dock the "check engine" light comes on and the ski shutters violently and quits. I towed the ski back with our other ski a 2005 GTX SC (we have two) at 5mph or less (this takes about 2 hrs.) and by the time I get back to the dock the ski is half sunk. The engine compartment is full of salt water. I drain the water via the plugs on the ramp. Jack the trailer up at home at a 45 degree angle and wash and drain with fresh water about 4 times, then fogged the engine extensively.
    So, what happened? The nut connecting the cable to the bellows fails, leaving a thru hole to the stern. Non dealer takes a "so what not our fault" position. I call a lead mechanic out of my area and he states that when changing to a smaller diameter cable the bellows has to be replaced also, that they see this type of mistake 5 times a year and have actually made the same mistake in the shop.
    Now I take the ski to my local dealer and nothing is covered under warranty. But, my flushing and fogging have save the engine.
    Repair cost $620 parts $800 labor.
    Ski runs as fast as it did new after repair.

    Steering Cable support nut is broken which is likely cause of impeller damage, There is an oil leak at the PTO bellows and bearing.
    Motor needs to come out to replace bellows.

    Ball bearing with gear clamp
    Large SS hose clamp
    R&R Motor/Bellows
    Lock Cable
    R&R Nut
    Motor Mounts
    Impeller Assy
    R&R Impeller

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    Research here and perform the work yourself. Use the search function to get a lot of answers, then post questions you have. We'll get you through it.

    Browse the the classifieds as people often post misc OEM parts. Post a "Want to Buy" (WTB) ad when you have enough posts (25, I think it is now). --Jeremy

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    I have an entire 2005 RXT steering assembly that I'd give a good deal on if you need it. It's still installed at the moment though.

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    Were are you from? The engine doesnt need to come out to change the bellows if its the cone I am thinking of on the drive shaft. I did one last fall in the boat. Needed a special tool but you remove the shaft and carbon seal and you have enough room to R&R the bellows and bearing and inner seal.

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    checkers, you should jump on these deals and see about doing this yourself. You can do it and we will help you!


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    Yep, it sounds like the dealer must have had a boat payment due and you helped him make it. It doesn't take much effort to write "pulled engine to repair bellows" on a work order and charge you 8 hours. Sorry, but it sounds like you got scre*ed, unless they did something you didn't know about... Ron

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