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Thread: 2007 f-12 info

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    2007 f-12 info

    Hi, i want to buy a new 07 f12 non-turbo, i have not seen any on the water in my area. I've had a 97 gsx 800, then a gpr1200r- great machine but too unstable for us, now i just sold my 02 gtx-di, big comfy cadillac, great ride in all conditions,pretty dry, tons of storage, just unreliable and expensive to fix.
    My question is;
    I'm 6' , 250lbs and the wife 130lbs, we often ride together, is the f12 as stable as my gtx was, or should i expect to worry about tippin over at low speeds or docking. and how is splash protection. How is it in rough water(2-4 waves)
    Thanks john

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    Its stable and powerful enough. The splash protection is not very good. There is an attatchment some use which is mounted to the lip of the bow I think hydroturf makes it. I think it resolves the splash issue to a major degree. I have never flipped my F12. I use it for towing in. Me and my tow partner outweigh your situation by 50 pounds or more. Excellent in rough water

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