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    xpl 1050 wont start

    hello guys,

    my xpl 1050 wont start after run, after a serval times of pushing the start button the seadoo says booooom of the exhaust..

    whats wrong?

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    Do a compression test

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    compression is good its a new motor..

    maby the trigger coil...

    i dont know

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    did you change your timing? your timing may be off

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    Could be you low speed needles are a little off(on top of the carbs). Have you tried new plugs. I liked to change mine every month or 2 when using it every week end.If I didnt it would get harder to start after a run and a short rest

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    I'd say the mag cup is off, not set right for whatever ignition setup your using.

    or your reeds can be cracked or broken, which might happen anyway due to the backfire.........


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    i have tried 2 new spraks, no change.. the ignition is remapt by nelie brummer in the netherlands he put ldt ss software in the mpem. the reeds are good, i have also set new things (i dont know how they say it in english) on the spark cable.

    i'll go check the mag cup.. see of there is any thing wrong..

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    Pull the spark plugs and rest them on the top of the head with the leads connected and crank the engine to see if you have a good strong bright blue spark from both plugs.If its backfiring through the exhaust the pipe is being fed unburnt fuel and air and when the plug eventually fires it just goes BOOOOOM right through the combustion chamber and down the pipe. I bet it is an ignition problem of some sort.

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    i checkt the mag cup and there was no problem the trigger coil was 235 ohm.. thats also fine...

    i have tried another mpem no changes..

    the engine is fine

    igniotion coil is 9.05 by (20k ohm on the multi meter)

    the bright blue spark from the pulgs is not really strong.. some times its good some times is bad.

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    i have now sometimes no spark...

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