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    Need a start/stop switch

    My start/stop contol went bad on the handle bars. Does anyone have one your know how to fix? 1994 vrx pro w/a 701, wr3 is same

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    there was one just recently posted in the classifieds for a raider ( same unit for alot of years) looked almost new so new looking i almost bought it for the gp..( white markings on it are mint)

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    Rpm thanks

    I took a fresh look at it after dinner. I was tired after tracking the problem down to the switch. I found that the rubber boot on the inside of the housing around the key plugger was torn. I removed the 3 switches from the inside of the housing and the plungger switch has 4 screws holding it together. Removed the screws and guess what! The inside of the switch had some dirt and corosion from the water seeping in. Cleaned all the contacts and lubed it all with dialetric grease, pluged it in and she started right up!!!! Hope this help someone else.

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    switch, send it to them they totally rebuild it for $70.00 all new internals and wires

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