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    please help

    iam in the process of building a 96 kawasaki 900zxi and when i put the cylinder on the #1 and #3 piston has no play in it! like it is binding up you can tell that the piston is almost touching the cylinder on one side but has a gap on the other side the only thing i can come up with is maybe the rods are bent on 1 and 2 hole cauing the piston to cock to one side. the #2 hole is fine and the other holes seem fine with the pistons off the rods and the cylinder not installed on the block!!! anu suggestions guys???? how could i check my rods for straightness?

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    I would think you might want to let us know what you have done to it and what is new. Did you change the crank? I assume you didn't change the rods since you think they might be bent. Why did you rebuild it was it water intrusion that might have bent the rods. I am sure there are more questions such as are the cylinders bored and did you buy the right pistons for it. Sorry if this seems simple but we don't know anything except what you told us.

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    iam rebuilding a complete diiff engine than what was on my ski!! i bought the case a used crank and the cylinders are off my engine bore to .50 over!! with new wsm pistons!!! when i installed the cylinders i nticed they were no play in the 1 and 3 pistons!! i check the crank runout before in stalling it was good!! is it possible that the crank out of index could be causing this!! could i got it out of index when i torqued the flywheel?

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    Remove the pistons and fit them in the sleeves. If they fit correctly off the engine but not when installed on the crank, then the rods are likely bent. Also double check that the rings are installed correctly and are seating correctly when you slip the pistons into the sleeves.

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